Birthday wishes, love & digital gifts

Mon, July 6, 2020
How do you normally send your best birthday wishes to your friends? What's more, birthday wishes are something that is thought or is it something that is said? When your friends turn birthday, do you wish them a happy birthday in your own words and celebrating it in a special restaurant or in a special place for both of you?

Or is it something that you think is very corny or that maybe you are ashamed to tell them all the nice things you think about your relationship? It is a topic that according to each person is carried in one way or another, but it is true that there are people who are ashamed to say such beautiful things in person or who may prefer to write it in a beautiful letter, or leave a message to let the other person read it when they are not around, so they don't hear it and they have no shame.

The truth is that birthday wishes can be sent in different ways to the people we love the most and that is why we want you to choose your ideal option and with which you feel most comfortable.

Digitizing birthday wishes for friend

With each passing day we move faster towards a fully digital world in which almost everyone has become accustomed to today and in which we feel comfortable.

That is why we want you to be part of a digitization process that will leave you speechless, and that is to be able to wrap gifts digitally! Yes, you heard correctly, what we used to do with the classic wrapping paper now you can do it from the sofa in your house with your mobile phone, ipad or computer.

And you can send your best birthday wishes for friend in a very simple way, at the time you want and with the template you like the most. Forget writing a note giving your best birthday wishes wrapped in the typical wrapping paper.

Go digital and do something new with which you will surely surprise! You can add your best birthday wishes for my boyfriend or girlfriend, adding a congratulatory video, photos and an attached gift that the recipient can download. In addition, you will receive a notification when the recipient has opened the gift.