Environment & digital greeting cards

Wed, July 8, 2020
Every day is an opportunity to be better and do things that we had not considered before. Precisely if we want to save our planet, each of us have to do little things to contribute to it, that is what it is all about.

There are many actions we can do throughout the day to contribute to it, and surely you will think that they are nonsense and that what you do really cannot directly affect the salvation of the planet, but believe me, if we all had good behavior and good habits we can change the world together!

Facts as simple as recycling what is thrown in the trash every day and not to throw everything into one container. Try to use public transport or bicycle instead of a car if is not necessary. It is these little things, which perhaps we do not give the importance they deserve, that will make a difference for better or for worse.

Send greeting cards digitally

Simply sending your greeting cards digitally can change the world, believe it! A big problem today is cutting down trees to produce paper, and it is something that we have to end soon, since if we run out of trees and taking into account that the population increases daily, we will not be able to produce the necessary oxygen for all of us.

It is as simple as stopping sending your greeting cards on the classic paper and do it digitally. It may not seem like a good idea at first, but when you see everything you can do with SendGift, you will realize that a digital greeting card is much better.

You can choose between multiple templates, add photos, videos, a special message and an attached gift. Also, when the recipient receives the greeting card, they will be able to reply with a nice message thanking you.