Is it time to buy a smartwatch?

Thu, July 9, 2020
Smartwatches are a really new term that sounds familiar to most of us and we can define it. But, in case you still have not known the term "smartwatch" we want to tell you what it means.

A smartwatch is a digital watch that apart from showing you the time, like any other watch, provides you useful data for your day to day. They are expanding rapidly and there are a lot of models to find your ideal one.

They are very light and waterproof, which translates into incredible comfort for the user. Although its greatest advantages are the functionalities they offer when connecting with our smartphones.

They are extremely useful for athletes, since they can provide you with information about the calories you have burned, the kilometers you have been running, it alerts you if your heart rate is high, etc. They are a great thing for people who do sports, since previously you could not have everything in one device. For example, some years ago if you wanted to control your heart rate you needed a heart rate monitor apart from a watch with the chronometer.
Now with the smartwatch you have everything in one device. In addition to functionalities for athletes, they also have other features for all kinds of people. An example is that you can get to control the pulsations of your heart when you sleep so you can have information about whether you are resting correctly and know how many hours of deep sleep you have been able to sleep. The next day it will tell you if you have slept well or at what time it is advisable to go to sleep according to your habits.

They have other functionalities, such as controlling the steps you do on a daily basis, since, as recommended by the WHO, at least 8000 steps should be performed per day.

In conclusion, today smartwatches are in fashion and have a lot of functionalities that you will surely like and that will be very useful in your day to day.