More than just an eCard

Fri, July 10, 2020
Can you imagine being able to send a digital greeting ecard in a unique way and not the classic shabby card written on a ballpoint pen?

SendGift gives you the opportunity to make it happen. You can create an eCard adding a video, photos, a personalized message and an attached gift, you will love it!

Imagine that it is the birthday of a friend of yours or that s(he) has passed all the exams and you want to send them a greeting card. How can you do it?

Very easy! Record a video on your mobile with a message wishing them the best and showing how much you love them, they will surely love it. If you don’t like to much record yourself on video, you can also add any YouTube or Vimeo video you know they will like, for example, a nice song that reminds you of a moment together or simply a laugh video that you know they will have a good time.

ECards: Unique digital greeting ecards

In addition to a video, you can also add photos you like and a message in which you can show your love.

Finally you can also add an attached digital gift for the recipient to download. For example, some attached cinema tickets or a ticket for a basketball game in their favorite stadium, a download code for their favorite video game, an ebook, among others.

When the recipient receives the ecard or greeting ecard you will receive an email notifying you that the recipient has opened the gift, and will have the possibility to thank you for the gift.

SendGift is a unique product on the market with which you will surely freak out! You can choose between multiple designs of templates for your gift. The ecards revolution has already arrived and we want you to be part of it by starting to send your gifts digitally right now!