Unlimited movies & series as birthday gifts

Sun, July 12, 2020
Currently we are immersed in a global pandemic that has forced us in many cases to stay longer at home than we surely wanted. As a consequence, we have changed our way of life and reinvented the way in which we enjoy our free time.

People are very different from each other and probably what overwhelms someone can relax others and make them see life differently. That is what is happening during the pandemic.

During the time we have been locked in our houses, movie and series lovers have enjoyed it very much, being able to see all the movies that have been pending for a long time and that during this time they have been able to see calmly.

Unique birthday gifts during quarantine

With the increase in measures against the coronavirus, social distancing also increases, but we do not want you to stop having contact with your loved ones and we will help you to be closer to yours than ever.

If the birthday of a family member or a friend is approaching, a perfect birthday gift can be a subscription to a video streaming service to enjoy movies and series unlimitedly.

If the birthday gift is for a lover of movies and series, it will surely be the ideal gift. Although right now probably you have no idea on how to wrap your birthday gift.

That's where we want to help you! With SendGift you can create a perfect wrapping for your ideal birthday gift during quarantine. You can choose between multiple designs, add a video congratulating them in person, a message, photos and the attached gift.

To attach the gift, all you have to do is buy the subscription to the streaming service you prefer, be it Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video or any other. Once you have the access data or the code to access the content, you can wrap your perfect birthday gift during quarantine and send it to the recipient whenever you want.