Environmentally friendly conveyance

Mon, July 13, 2020
The environment is everyone's responsibility, for this reason each and every one of us have to contribute in the battle against climate change.

It is the sum of the little things that can change the world and we must believe in it. Something as simple as recycling what we throw away in the trash on a daily basis or choosing the ideal conveyance that least contaminates, are small actions that over time will be reflected on our planet.

When it comes to choosing the ideal and least polluting form of transport, it is interesting to use public transport whenever is possible. For example, if we want to move within the city it is highly recommended to use the bus or the subway, instead of the car, since if each person who goes inside a bus took the car, the CO2 levels of large cities would increase even more.

There are studies that show that the bus is the most sustainable conveyance if it is used for more than 200km due to the large number of passengers it can transport, and consequently, would not go in their own vehicle. Also, some buses may be hybrid or electric and would not produce CO2.
Among the conveyance that harms the environment the most are airplanes and ships, which are capable of traveling long distances in a short time. On the other hand, the vehicles that affect our planet less negatively highlight bicycles, which do not need fuel to operate and are a very good option for moving over short distances, and hybrid or electric cars.

Hybrid cars are useful for traveling short distances or moving within the city, since at low speeds they run on the electric motor and this means that CO2 is not expelled. On the other hand, electric cars are still seen as something very new and pending development, although the future is clear that it seems to tend towards their use whenever their autonomy is increased because right now seems to be quite limited.

Still, it should be remembered that one thing is what can contaminate the vehicle once it is in operation, but there is a very important part of its environmental impact, and that is how much the construction process of the vehicle can affect the planet's sustainability.

That is to say, it is clear that an electric car is going to expel less CO2 into the atmosphere than a gasoline car, but in its construction process is it really polluting less than other cars or are parts used for building the cars impact negatively on our planet? This and other questions should always be asked when we talk about positively impacting the environment.