The most popular social networks

Sat, July 11, 2020
The first social networks appeared around the year 2000, being a great revolution at the social level and in the way we communicate. Until then remote communication was done by phone or, at most, by SMS, but with social networks and the internet revolution everything changed.

Since then, new social networks such as Facebook have emerged, which have a history of almost 20 years and have managed to grow and spread throughout the planet quickly.

We want to quote some of the most important social networks of the moment and explain what each one consists of:


It is one of the most important social networks, it was founded in 2004. In its beginnings it was created as an application or a website to connect students from the same university campus. It quickly spread to other segments of the population until today, which is the social network with the most users in the world, 2.5 billion.

It is used by both companies and individuals and has a wide range of functionalities that can be used in many different ways.


Twitter was founded in 2006, two years after Facebook. It is known as the quintessential informational social network in which breaking news and text content is extremely important. Unlike Facebook, the images you publish in a tweet do not have much value, since in this social network the text of your tweet is more important, and how recent it is. The content that has been published most recently is the one that is successful among other users, and if it does not succeed it will surely be forgotten forever.


A few years ago it was bought by Facebook, so now they go together in terms of certain features such as advertising, privacy policies, content, etc. It was born as a social network in which images are much more important than text. New functionalities have been added lately and it is a social network in full expansion that adds new users daily.


It is perhaps the least known, but not the least important. Its great majority of public is in the United States, being the great unknown in other places of the world. Its content focuses almost exclusively on photos and the visual impact is really important. It is very useful for both companies and individuals at the SEO level, since its keyword-based search engine is very powerful.