Are we obsessed with time?

Tue, July 14, 2020
Time is something we all have very present in every moment and in every appointment we program in our calendar. Every moment that we invest in something we are excited about or something that does not interest us at all, it is time that we will never again be able to recover.

But are we really obsessed with time? Do we really spend time thinking about how to intelligently distribute our time? Time is something that throughout history all human beings have wished to be infinite, but for now that is impossible.

We have a limited time at the end of each day and that can cause us anxiety for not getting everything we have planned simply because the clock does not stop.

Many times we set ourselves too complicated goals that suppose us to be far beyond our possibilities, and all to be able to arrive before others to do something.
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you spend your time only doing tasks you like and make you happy? Perhaps in this way we can give less importance to time because if we do something we like, it is not important if we do it for a long or short time, but when we do it, we are enjoying it.

And it is that according to some experts, sometimes, the lack of time is determined by doing things that do not make us happy and, as a consequence, we always need more time to dedicate it to our hobbies or activities that make us happy.

Perhaps the obsession with the lack of time is determined by the things we do and that do not make us happy, with which we do not enjoy. And maybe if we change our way of life to enjoy more and think less about time, we would surely be happier and we would have more time.