How to send the best birthday wishes cards

Wed, July 15, 2020
When the birthday of a friend or family member is approaching, how do you usually send your birthday wishes cards? If you are one of the classics who write their best birthday wishes cards in a classic paper with a pen, perhaps what we are going to tell now may interest you.

Sending birthday wishes cards on a simple paper has long gone out of style. Since then, there have been different platforms on which to create digital birthday wishes cards that contain your best birthday wishes for a friend.

Sending birthday wishes cards digitally is something that has been invented a long time ago and has probably already become old and unattractive. So we want to show you a way to send your birthday wishes cards with your best birthday wishes that you will love.
SendGift aims to revolutionize the way greeting cards, birthday wishes cards and gifts are currently shipped. We offer a 100% digital service in which you can create a unique gift that includes your best birthday wishes for friend.

You will be able to add a personal greeting video, photos, your specially written birthday wishes for friend, and even an attached gift that the recipient can download when they receive the gift.

Also, when the recipient receives the gift, you will receive a notification and they will be able to write you a message thanking you and showing their appreciation.

Without a doubt, SendGift will revolutionize the way in which birthday greetings, birthday wishes cards and gifts are currently delivered. It is a digital revolution in which we want everyone to be a participant, that is why SendGift offers the service globally and gifts can be sent anywhere in the world with just one click.