Digital gift wraps are not exactly eCards

Tue, July 28, 2020
Have you ever considered being able to send ecards digitally? If so, surely you will already know some web pages where you can send ecards easily and quickly.

Although, it is true that many of those ecards lack functionalities and are sometimes excessively simple. They are impersonal ecards, sometimes a bit seedy in design and you can quickly email them to your recipient.

But what if you wanted to add something more personal to your ecards birthday could you do it? Until today it was not possible to customize how you would like to be a ecard birthday, but now you can do it with SendGift.

SendGift is much more than sending ecards birthday

A unique solution with which you can give a personal and special touch to your ecards birthday. It's not just about sending ecards, but about wrapping any gift digitally.

Yes, you heard correctly. Wrap a gift digitally! You will be able to wrap as digital gifts some tickets for the theater, a video game, an ebook, an audiobook, a dinner in a restaurant, a stay in a hotel, a spectacular trip or any other special experience that you know will be an ideal gift but that you never know how to wrap or deliver.

In addition, you can add photos, videos and a unique congratulatory message with which you surely surprise your loved ones. It is much more than a simple digital ecard birthday. You can choose from multiple designs among which you will find your ideal digital gift wrap.

Stop sending ecards birthday in a simple way and start wrapping your gifts digitally with SendGift. You will not regret. You will discover a new and incredible world that you will love. Join the digital gift wrap revolution and enjoy the big digital transformation in the world!