Tips and tricks for getting the most from Pinterest

Thu, July 30, 2020
Pinterest has had great growth in recent years and is clearly booming today. It is new and we must take advantage of it. Unlike other social networks like Twitter, for example, on Pinterest all posts are based on visual content and photos.

Pinterest is the social network with the highest influence on SEO. Some of the tricks and tips for a correct management of the company profiles on pinterest are the following:

Vertical images

The publication of pins with vertical images is recommended, since the structure of the social network favors their visibility. In case you want to publish a horizontal or landscape image, it should never have dimensions smaller than 736x200px. For vertical images a height between 1104px and 2576px is recommended, while width is recommended between 600px and 736px.

Create boards to group pins

It is highly important to create boards to group your posts on Pinterest. A board would be like a photo album, which contains photos from different times or themes. It is very important to put your Pinterest posts on different boards of your profile, so that your followers can follow independent boards, since perhaps not all the content you post on your profile is of interest to them.

You can also add a cover image on each board to visually define the content that can be seen on the board.

Different links for each publication

It is interesting that the links of the websites to which you intend to attract your followers are changing. That is, if you have a website and you intend to attract your users there, try not to post the same link on all the pins on your Pinterest profile. Variety can help your followers have a broader view of your business and every page of your website.

Descriptions with content related to your profile

Pinterest is one of the most influential social networks in SEO and Internet positioning. For this reason it is very interesting to be able to endow the titles and descriptions of your pins with the concepts or words that you intend to associate with your company or your profile.

Videos are not recommended

In pinterest, users see the pins quickly and we need to grab their attention in just a few microseconds. For this reason, it is advisable to publish images that attract the user's attention instead of long videos that do not give them any information if they don’t watch them until the end.