Send amazing greetings ecards

Mon, August 3, 2020
Have you ever sent birthday ecards digitally? Did you know that you can do it easily and quickly with SendGift? We want to show you how to create your unique digital birthday ecards to send anywhere in the world in just one click.

There are multiple designs of birthday ecards to select which you like the most: nature, sport, love, for children, travel, among others. You just have to choose your ideal template and customize it to your liking.

You'll be able to add special photos and an amazing and dynamic greeting message.

Send amazing birthday ecards digitally

Today birthday ecards are still sent by ordinary mail, on paper sometimes not very beautiful and with our greeting message written in pencil or pen. It is not original but only for logistical reasons, the shipping process is much more complex than if we send a birthday ecard digitally.

To send a birthday ecard by regular mail, you have to first go to a store to buy your ideal birthday ecard, then personalize it to your liking by adding a congratulatory message, and finally buy a nice wrapper to send it by ordinary mail.

But, what if you could send greetings ecards digitally in an easy way?

Have you ever thought about being able to send greetings ecards digitally? It really is something different that even today seems to be something new and there are people who find it difficult to do it and continue to send the classic greetings cards, those made of paper, pen and ordinary mail.

The truth is that digital greetings ecards have been around for some years, but perhaps many people still do not know about them or do not use them because they are not attractive enough to send as special birthday ecards.

What if you could send completely free animated ecards?

Today's digital birthday ecards are simple and sometimes have boring designs, and above all they are very static and not very customizable. Normally you have the option to add a greeting message but nothing else. You have to accept its simple and static design that many times you surely do not like.

For this reason we want to show you a new way to send free animated ecards that will surely surprise you.

Have you ever imagined being able to send greetings ecards with photos and videos attached?

With SendGift greetings ecards you can create authentic wonders that you will surely love and you will want to send very often. You will have the possibility to choose between multiple designs, you will surely find your ideal template. Then you can add a special text greeting message, just like any other greeting ecards.

We know that a text message wishing you a happy birthday is perhaps not enough to surprise your loved ones. To give it a unique and special dynamism, you can add personalized photos and videos in which you wish them a happy birthday or a special greeting message. You can record the video from your mobile and then add it to the greeting ecard to surprise the recipient.

Add a gift attached in your animated ecard

In case you thought the photos and the personalized video are not enough, we give you the possibility of adding an attached gift to your animated ecard that the recipient can download.

Surely you are wondering: How is it possible to send a gift digitally?

Yes, it is possible with SendGift. When you register you will have access to your client area, and in the menu you will find the option "gift ideas", a section of the website in which we will give you gift ideas to send digitally attached to your fantastic animated ecard.

For example, as a gift attached to your greetings ecard you could send tickets for a special football game, a video game download code, an ebook, a relaxing massage session, and many other ideas you will find in your client area.

Schedule the delivery of your animated ecard

In case there is not enough, another feature you will have available if you send your animated ecards digitally with SendGift will be the scheduling of delivery them for the day you prefer.

You only have to indicate the day you want to deliver your animated ecard to the recipient and we will take care of the rest. The recipients will receive it in their email and they will surely love it.

If for whatever reason you prefer not to send it by email, you can deliver it whenever you want through any other channel, be it SMS, WhatsApp or the one you prefer.