Unique electronic birthday cards

Thu, August 13, 2020
Are you thinking of sending original electronic birthday cards to your loved ones but you don't know how to do it? We want to show you how you can create your most incredible and 100% digitized original electronic birthday cards.

In the past days and even today there are still original birthday cards printed on a beautiful paper and with the congratulatory message written in a ballpoint pen. You can buy them both in physical stores and in online stores.

Although you like original and classic birthday cards, it is clear that their future does not look very good. And it is that climate change requires us to take drastic and quick measures regarding different issues that affect our planet, and clearly cutting down trees is one of them.

All those original and classic birthday cards printed on a beautiful paper and delivered by regular mail to the final recipient, are clearly damaging the environment and have to evolve if we want to live on a sustainable planet.

Create and send birthday cards online

The future of birthday cards online is here. It seems difficult today to digitize the classic birthday cards and give us the same experience we currently have with them.

But, the change has arrived, and with SendGift you will be able to send any birthday cards online to any place in the world, digitally and what is more important, without polluting the environment either on the paper's printing or in the logistics process of delivery of the same.

You can also create unique and incredible birthday cards online with spectacular and dynamic designs you surely love. It's the birthday card online revolution!

The original birthday cards are static, simple and with little movement, just the opposite of those that you can create very quickly and easily with SendGift.

Dynamic and attractive happy birthday ecards

You can choose a special design for your happy birthday ecard and add a totally personalized message. If you prefer, to make your happy birthday ecard more special, you can record a video with a personal message and add it to your original happy birthday ecard.

You can also add special images to surprise the recipient and remind them of the good times you have spent together.

In addition, one of the most special features of SendGift happy birthday ecards is that it allows you to send a digitally wrapped gift along with the happy birthday ecard. Yes, you heard it right, a digitally wrapped gift!

And as if that were not enough, when the recipient receives the surprise and opens your original and dynamic happy birthday ecard, they will be able to download the digital gift you have sent. Now, surely you are thinking about what kind of gift you can send in a happy birthday ecard... Well, believe it or not, you have a lot of gifts to send digitally.

An ideal gift, for example, could be some tickets for a concert of their favorite artist, tickets to the cinema or go to a football game. Any of them can be attached to the happy birthday ecards and you will make it a unique and special gift.

Apart from tickets to attend a special event, if you register in SendGift, in your client area you will find infinite options of digital gifts to send along with original and incredible happy birthday ecards.

Instant response to your electronic birthday cards

Another one of the features that SendGift electronic birthday cards have is that you will be able to know when the recipient received your electronic birthday card.

Forget sending your congratulations by ordinary mail as has been done always and pray to not have problems with the postman and your letter.

With SendGift electronic birthday cards you will know if the recipient has already seen your greeting or has not opened it yet. In addition, the recipient can send you a special message showing their appreciation for you.

The revolution of birthday cards online

In case it was not clear to you yet, SendGift is the revolution of birthday cards online. You can create original and unique birthday cards online to send anywhere in the world in just one click.

With each original birthday card online that is sent with SendGift, you will be contributing positively to the environment, and the more gifts and birthday cards online are sent, the less trees will be cut down to obtain paper to send a birthday card or paper to wrap the gifts.

It is time to bet on the environment and a sustainable world, and with small actions such as sending birthday cards online, you will be contributing to create a better world and a better future.

In addition to contributing to the creation of a better world, you can create original and dynamic birthday cards online that surely until today you didn't know of their existence. You will be amazed with the incredible templates you can customize and all the features you have available to surprise your loved ones.