Top 10 best experience gift ideas

Fri, August 7, 2020
Are you one of those who thinks that giving gift experiences are better than any other material gift? If the answer is YES, you are in the right place. We want to give you experience gift ideas that will be incredible and unforgettable surprises for those who receive them.

Gift experience is not just handing over a simple paper or communicating by message or speaking that you are going to give them, for example, a trip to Cuba. You have to take into account how you want to send the gift and especially how you can wrap and deliver an intangible gift.

In the latter, SendGift can help you, you can digitally wrap and send any gift experience in the most original and incredible way.

But, before you can wrap and send your gift digitally, you have to choose the gift experience you like the most. So below we share some of the best experience gifts of the moment:

Special trips are special experience gift ideas

Do they love to travel, discover new destinations and get lost in the most remote places in the world? Giving them a trip to a special place will be a dream come true? They will be speechless if they receive the gift experience and realize they can finally move to that beautiful place they have been seeing so many photos and videos online.

On the other hand, giving a family trip is something very special that is always remembered with great affection. It is an ideal option to have a good time together.

Scuba diving courses

Giving a trip to the bottom of the sea is something unique and unrepeatable. The ocean is a very unknown place for many of us and in which we can find unique ecosystems and different ways of living.

A scuba diving course is ideal to start being familiar with the water and diving. There are courses for all levels, for those who are just starting out and for those who are already experts, but without a doubt it is one of the best experience gifts.

Jet ski tour

Experience gift ideas such as a ride on a jet ski is typical during summer. It is a refreshing and adrenaline experience. If they like speed and trying new things, they surely like it. Guided tours in which you have to follow a defined route can be booked online.

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Massage, a gift experience to relax

Gift experiences such as a relaxing massage to escape from the daily routine is very necessary at some times of the year when we need to disconnect. Make a reservation at a good center where you know for sure they do the best massages in the city.

You can book the appointment and then add your gift to SendGift's digital greeting card. You will surely surprise them!

Relax in a SPA

Another of the most relaxing experience gift ideas that exist is a stay in a spa. It will be a moment of disconnection that our body and mind often need.

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Escape Room: experience gifts for kids

Giving experience gifts for kids is synonymous of giving an experience in an Escape Room. It is an ideal gift experience gift for kids who are restless and passionate about challenges.

There are Escape Rooms of different thematic areas and for all ages, you will surely find your ideal one. It is a very original and new experience gift for kids to have a good time, laughs and good company are guaranteed.

Rafting, one of the best experience gifts for adventurous

For those passionate about adventure and extreme experiences, they will love recieve experience gift ideas like river rafting. In addition, it is not an activity in which previous experience is required, but regardless if it is the first time you do the activity as if you are an expert, everyone can participate together in the same boat.

Giving away extreme adventure experiences are experience gift ideas which you will surely not fail when you have to giving a gift to someone who is adventurous and who loves risky sports activities.

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A balloon ride as a special gift experience

If they are afraid of heights, forget about giving them a balloon trip, surely they are going to have a really bad time. But if on the contrary, they love heights, getting on airplanes and looking out the window, or paragliding, giving experience gift ideas like this will make them remember this gift experience for a long time as the best experience gifts they have ever enjoyed.

Paragliding flight

In the same way that gifting a balloon ride is not a good idea for someone who is afraid of heights, gifting experiences such as a paragliding flight can make them hate you for a long time.

But for those who has always dreamed of being a bird and flying with their own wings, this is the ideal gift experience and they will surely remember you for a long time.

Drive the car of your dreams, one of the best experiences gift

If they are passionate about cars and racing, they will surely want to drive the car of their dreams on a real circuit, where riders of Nascar races, Formula One or SuperBikes participate.

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