Happy Bi Song or Happy Birthday Video

Mon, August 31, 2020
Are you one of those who prefers to send happy birthday quotes, a happy bi song or a birthday video? With SendGift birthday ecards you don't have to decide, you can do all three!

Digitization and digital transformation have lived with us for a few years, although it is true that during the pandemic, digitization and technology have risen to the highest level. And, as if that were not enough, the digital transformation to which the world had been subjected in recent years, with the passage of the pandemic it has increased even more.

Gone are those birthday parties, celebrations or events in which a large number of attendees met to share impressions, enjoy and celebrate life.

For better or for worse, due to the coronavirus a change has come in our lives that has made us rethink our way of living and all the things that until today we did and that seemed normal to us, stopped being normal, we do not know yet if forever, but at least for a certain time.

As we said, the pandemic has forced us to digitize even more, in case we still weren't enough. And it is that through our mobile devices, computers or tablets we make meetings with our friends through video conferences, we work remotely and we relax watching movies that previously could only be seen in the cinema.

We have found ourselves in situations we have never been in, such as not being able to attend a birthday party, not being able to deliver a gift or not being able to congratulate a person face to face on their birthday. But, although there are great changes in our lives, we cannot stop doing what we like to do, and if we want to congratulate our loved ones, send them gifts or talk with them for hours and hours, we have to do it, and that is where we need help from the digital world.

Happy Bi Song and Happy Birthday Quotes

Today, thanks to digitization and applications like SendGift, we can send happy birthday quotes and beautiful birthday messages to anyone we want, anywhere in the world and at any time.

SendGift birthday ecards allow you to quickly and easily create ecards and send them anywhere in the world in just one click. It's like sending a Christmas ecard or birthday ecard in the home mailbox, but instead of being static and simple, it's completely dynamic and fun.

With SendGift you can send a happy bi song and happy birthday quotes along with your ecard. Sending happy bi songs with a birthday ecard would never have been possible if the cards were not digital and could be sent online.

Creating an eGreeting with SendGift is really easy, you just have to select the template you like the most, add your happy birthday quotes, photos and an incredible happy bi song that you know they will like.

And it is that the happy bi songs you add to your ecards do not have to be the typical happy bi songs that sound at a party, but you can add any song you know the recipient will like and that will make them smile.

Adding a happy bi song to SendGift ecards is very simple, you just have to copy the Link of any song from Youtube or Vimeo and paste it into the application during the ecard creation process.

A Happy Birthday Video instead of a Happy Bi Song

The customization possibilities that SendGift ecards are endless. For this reason, it is not necessary to always add happy bi songs to your ecard, but you can also add fully personalized photos or a happy birthday video.

You can record a happy birthday video directly with your mobile and add it to your ecard. We know that now more than ever technology has to help us feel close to our loved ones and we believe that sending a happy birthday video during their most special date will make it possible to perceive a real closeness between them.

It is not the same to deliver a congratulations only with a happy birthday quote and a photo, than to do it with a personal and really special happy birthday video. In addition, a happy birthday video for many of us can be the best gift we have received in a long time, since receiving it in a beautiful digital and dynamic card will be an amazing surprise.

And it is that many times we worry about looking for the most expensive or most beautiful gift in a store and we think about spending a lot of money on material things that after all have no sentimental value. On the other hand, gifts such as a happy birthday video are unique, free and are sentimental experiences which can be remembered forever as something very special.