Give your love to them with a special card

Mon, October 5, 2020
There are things in life that are difficult to explain and many times we may not find that ideal moment to say what we think, how much we love that person, how much we miss them or even how much we never want to see them for the rest of our days.

Even so, no matter how the years go by, or if we have more experience or if we receive advice from friends or family, the subject of love is always something difficult for some more than others.

While there are people who are not ashamed of absolutely anything and are able to speak directly to that other person that they like and are attracted to, others prefer to spend their lives waiting for something that never comes.

It is a complicated fact that it is really difficult to understand, because in this life if we want anything we only have to ask for it or try to get it. But in the case of love it seems different. In some people there is that fear of failure, those doubts that are there to prevent them from moving towards what they really want.

Show them your love is not as complex as it seems

Although some may find it difficult to take that step of courage, it really is something simple and if in the future you look back to see it, it will surely seem something small and with less importance than it has now.

It is true that today new technologies can provide facilities or help those types of people who are ashamed of showing their love for others publicly. We practically live next to our mobile phone and you can send and receive a simple text message or WhatsApp instantly.

But, a text message or a WhatsApp message may not be the best way to say I love you to someone important to you. It could even be that with this little action that you hope to cause great feeling and emotion, you will fall into a worse place than where you are.

For this reason, we want to show you a special, unique and original way of telling your dearest people that you love them and that you miss them every moment that you are not together.

Send special messages with SendGift

Sending a special message that really causes great emotion to whoever receives it is something very difficult to achieve today, since we are used to constantly receiving notifications and data instantly to our mobile phone, which makes our brain capture stimuli constantly.

But, it is true that all stimuli are not the same and neither are the sensations or feelings they cause. For this reason, it is not the same to receive a simple text message or a WhatsApp message, than an original eCard with a very special message inside.

Ecards are similar to the classic paper postcards found in some stores, which can be sent by regular mail writing a special message inside them. They can show a special value and a lot of feelings for those who write them.

Any day is a good day to show your love to your loved ones

SendGift is a platform with which you can create eCards for all kinds of occasions, events or celebrations. If you've ever seen a greeting ecard, birthday ecard or wedding ecard, for example, you will realize that SendGift ecards are very different and have unique features that differentiate them from the rest.

They are highly customizable, you can add a personal video, songs, photos, messages and even digital gifts attached to it, such as a Netflix subscription, a video game, a dinner at a restaurant or a special trip, among others.

You have available multiple designs to choose your ideal ecard for any occasion. They also have very useful features such as being able to receive a notification when the recipient has opened the ecard or being able to schedule the sending of the ecard for the date or time you prefer.

All SendGift ecards can be easily created on the website and can be sent via email, WhatsApp, text message or however you prefer. There are ecards for all kinds of occasions: birthday ecards, Christmas ecards, good morning ecards, love ecards, to send messages of encouragement, or get well soon messages, among many others.