Amazing & Unique Wedding eCards

Mon, October 12, 2020
Are you thinking about how to create and design some original wedding invitations for that special day that you have been waiting for, during all your life? Are you looking for some unique wedding ecards with which to surprise all your loved ones?

A wedding is a very special celebration and your guests deserve to receive unique wedding invitations that they can remember for the rest of their life as something different from the rest of the events they had attended.

Until today it was unthinkable to create digital wedding invitations and send them online to all attendees. The normal way to design wedding cards was to print them on a special paper, a beautiful color and a unique design.

Once we have the wedding card printed, it is sent by post to the wedding attendees, or we even deliver it in person, which may not be possible on some occasions due to the physical distance that separates us from our relatives and friends.

Send wedding cards online

Sometimes it is difficult for us to be able to meet personally with our loved ones, either because they live in another country, in a very remote area, or simply because with the busy lives we have, it is difficult to find a free space in our busy agenda.

All these reasons make it difficult to deliver original wedding invitations or wedding ecards to our loved ones. We believe that the best option is to send the wedding ecards and wedding invitations by mail. But what if you don't know exactly which street is where ALL your guests live and you want to surprise them?

It is very easy! Surely what you do have are their mobile phone numbers! And if so, why haven't you yet considered sending your original and fully digital wedding invitations directly from your mobile phones? You can send them anywhere in the world and at the time you prefer. It is an ideal option to give a surprise in an incredible way.

How can I send wedding ecards with my mobile phone?

Surely now you are wondering how it is possible to create an original wedding ecard or wedding invitation and send it digitally with your mobile phone without it being something simple with which you can look bad or give a bad image of your wedding.

The answer to all those questions that are in your head right now is very simple: SENDGIFT!

SendGift is an application with which you can design digital wedding ecards with your mobile, tablet or computer in a very simple, original and elegant way. First you just have to select the ideal template for your invitation, then customize it to your liking by adding all kinds of details that you consider convenient and necessary.

You can also add a personal video for each guest or if you prefer, include the same video in all the wedding ecards. In addition, you can also include photos, messages and a totally digitally wrapped gift that you can deliver along with the wedding ecard.

Instant response from all guests

Any wedding invitation you send to one of your attendees will be delivered exactly on the date and time that you indicate and the recipient will be able to respond with a thank you message or by confirming attendance.

You will receive the confirmation message automatically in your email and it will guarantee that you can have control of all the guests who may or may not attend your wedding.

SendGift eCards aren't just for weddings

With SendGift you can not only create incredible and totally digital wedding cards, you can also design eCards for any occasion, event or celebration. Whether, for example, to wish your best friend a good morning, congratulate them on their birthday or send them a thank you message for everything they did for you at a certain time.

There is always a special day to celebrate something or an ideal moment to surprise someone you love so much. With SendGift eCards you will find that moment and turn it into something very, very special.

And it is that in the end, life is about that, turning a normal day into an unforgettable day, and with SendGift you can get whoever receives the eCard to remember that day with great affection and for a long, long time.