Love messages on Valentine’s Day eCards

Fri, January 29, 2021
Is Valentine's Day approaching and you still don't have a good idea to surprise your partner? Sometimes just with a small but special gift is enough to keep you together forever.

Years ago, for Valentine's Day, if the couple in love could not be together physically on that special day, they used to send love letters to show each other their unconditional love. One of the problems they used to have was that love letters were often late and couldn't be delivered on February 14th.

Nowadays, so that this does not happen, there is a unique service that guarantees the arrival of all love messages and letters from lovers just on the date and time that is decided, in this case on February 14, which is Valentine's Day.

Digital love messages with SendGift

SendGift is an online application with which you can send congratulatory messages, reminders or special ecards for any occasion. In this case, for Valentine's Day you will find a wide variety of templates to choose from to create your ideal Valentine's Day ecard.

With SendGift you can send lovely letters digitally, along with unique Valentine's Day eCards. It is a totally digital service that guarantees the delivery of any love message on time, since whoever sends the message can schedule the date and time of delivery whenever they prefer.

In this way, the recipient will always receive it on time and will be able to feel grateful to have close someone so special and who thinks so much about him/her.

Create digital Valentine’s Day eCards

The digital Valentine's Day eCards that you can send with SendGift are special and unique. You can create yours by adding beautiful love messages, photos with your partner or personalized videos in which you wish them the best and show them all your love.

In addition, you can even attach a special song for both of you to the Valentine's Day eCard, with its own video clip, which the recipient will be able to see just when they receive the card on their mobile device, computer or tablet.

And as if this were not enough, SendGift Valentine's Day eCards are designed to be able to add an attached digital gift that the recipient can download and enjoy when they decide. For example, you can attach tickets to go to the cinema to see a romantic movie or tickets to go to the theater to see the latest play that has been released. Or even for video game lovers, you can add an attached gift code to redeem for a video game in any store.

Any type of gift that is fully digital can be delivered with SendGift digital cards. It is a new way of wrapping and sending gifts that is revolutionizing the world. And it is that the gifts that are sent digitally always arrive at the scheduled time without suffering any type of delay with the logistics of delivery and also with each shipment of a digital gift is contributing positively to the environment.

As we all know, the logistics chain for the delivery of any package is highly polluting and consumes a large amount of energy resources. On the other hand, sending a gift or a digital Valentine's Day eCard does not negatively affect the planet and contributes to its sustainability.