Group greeting cards as birthday gifts

Thu, February 11, 2021
Is their birthday coming up and you still don't know how to surprise them? The best idea is to send them a group greeting card with personalized messages from friends or family.

How many times have you filled a sheet of paper, a photo album or any other object with your own signature and special personalized messages? Surely there are many cards or postcards in which you have included your signature or your congratulations message, along with other messages from friends or family.

Sometimes, this process is a bit complex in terms of logistics, since it is necessary that all people are physically in the same place to include their congratulations messages on the sheet of paper, and this is often complicated.

SendGift group cards can help us to solve this problem. Totally digital group cards in which unlimited people can add their messages in the form of digital content, either with a text message, an image, a GIFF or a personalized video.

Fully digital and sustainable group greeting cards

SendGift group greeting cards allow anyone from anywhere in the world to add their personalized messages in a very special way. In that sense, you can create group cards to send a birthday greeting, for example.

They are 100% digital cards and this translates into a lower impact on the environment, since with each group birthday greeting that is sent digitally, a photo album is not printed, or a simple sheet of paper is not used, because as we know it involves a polluting process of tree felling.

The digitization of group greetings is synonymous with agility, globalization and immediacy. The digital process that SendGift has created allows multiple participants from around the planet to contribute their bit and send a special message to someone special for them.

Group greeting cards can be created to make any type of congratulation, acknowledgement or commemoration, whether it is for a farewell, retirement, celebration, wedding, celebrating the birth of a baby, a birthday or any other special occasion.

Group Cards for Birthdays

If the birthday of a friend or family member is approaching and you want to surprise them in a very special way, the best way to do it is with SendGift group greeting cards.

Sending a group greeting card is very simple, you only need to access the platform and create yours by choosing the template that you like the most. Once created you can share it with all the people you want to participate by adding their personal messages.

To control the whole process, you will receive notifications when someone has added a message on the group card. When everyone has added their message it will be as simple as sending it to the recipient and letting them be surprised.

It will surely be an incredible gift to have a group greeting card with all the congratulations from your dearest people. In addition, the best thing about all of this is that the way to create these group cards is very simple and there is a very nice collaborative process that will finally make the gift the most special.