Share online wedding congrats messages

Thu, March 18, 2021
With SendGift you can create wedding congrats messages digitally and share them with all your family and friends so they can congratulate the couple. Sharing a marriage congratulations message digitally is something very innovative and that will undoubtedly surprise those who are getting married.

And it is that the best gift that the couple can receive is a board with all the wedding congrats messages of their loved ones: parents, mothers, friends, friends, relatives or acquaintances. Everyone will be able to add a message of congratulations to wish them the best in this new stage that they are beginning.

Wedding congrats messages and the pandemic

Until today, when a friend or family member announces their wedding day, we usually congratulate them in a special way. We invite them to dinner or we are going to see them to chat for a while and tell how excited we are to see them happy and make such an important and emotional decision as announcing a wedding.

Although with everything that has happened lately with the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced to keep certain distances or health security measures that have made it impossible for us to meet certain people as much as we would have liked.

It is for the same reason that during this last year weddings have had to reduce the number of guests and consequently they have been celebrated with the most intimate relatives and little else. Leaving many friends and acquaintances out of a celebration that they would surely have enjoyed in a big way.

In that sense, there are family and friends who have been forced to send their wedding congrats messages or wedding congratulations messages with a simple WhatsApp message or by making a classic phone call. Nobody likes this situation and neither friends nor boyfriends feel comfortable with this cold and distant situation.

It was just at the beginning of this year when the SendGift company launched a totally digital, unique and revolutionary product that allows you to create wedding congratulations messages from your home and share them with other people so that they can add their congratulations messages.

The digital world, wedding congrats messages and the power to share

Due to the social distance that still separates us from our loved ones today, we need services and products that, through technology, can bring us virtually closer to them.

SendGift wedding greetings are a clear example of digitization in times of pandemic to help us share and be close to our relatives.

Not being able to attend weddings or other celebrations as we would like causes us to distance ourselves from friends and family as much as we have never been. In that sense, digital wedding congratulations messages allow anyone who, for whatever reason, has not been able to attend the wedding, can send a message of congratulations and best wishes to the bride and groom.

The importance of knowing how to share is also very important in this celebration and that is why any friend will be able to add their wedding congratulations message in a collage of messages that will be given as a gift to the couple. It will surely be a great surprise and that they do not expect to receive a gift of these characteristics, with messages of congratulations from all their loved ones.

How can I create wedding congratulations messages with SendGift?

Creating wedding congrats messages with SendGift is very, very simple, and you can do it in just three steps: choose a template, share it with other collaborators and send it to the recipients.

First you must choose the wedding greeting template that you think is most appropriate for the occasion, you will have a large number of templates at your disposal.

Once you have chosen your design you can add your first wedding congrats message, signing with your name so that the bride and groom know whose wedding card it is. Adding a message is not simply writing a text phrase, but you can combine your congratulations messages with images that remind you of a special moment you have spent together, animated GIFs for those who want to create funny wedding messages, personalized videos and even special songs you know they will love them.

When you have already added your message, you can share the wedding congratulations with other people through email, WhatsApp or any other channel that you consider appropriate. Once they receive the congratulations they will be able to add their messages just as you have previously done.

Every time a person adds a message, you will receive a notification so that you can follow up and see which people have yet to add their messages. And when everyone has finally added theirs, the wedding anniversary greeting will be ready to send to the recipients.

If you prefer, you can schedule the delivery of the wedding congrats message so that they receive it on a specific date and time that you know can make them especially excited.