Celebrate Online with your loved ones

Wed, March 10, 2021
Today we want to introduce you to a new way to send thank you messages, get well soon messages or greeting messages for a special occasion. We have all ever had a friend who has needed support or has been absent from their day to day for a while and we have sent them a gift, flowers or messages so that they can recover soon.

And it is just on those occasions when we need support from our loved ones. That's why SendGift has come up with a new way to send group messages to celebrate special occasions online.

For example, if your uncle's birthday is approaching, you can create a group card for his anniversary and share it with all the people who want to congratulate him. As simple as creating the card indicating who it is for and sharing it with other people to add their greeting messages.

Group Cards are the new way to celebrate a special occasion online. And it is that during the pandemic in which we are immersed, social contact between people has been greatly reduced and that means that we cannot meet as often as we would like with the people around us.

Celebrate online from anywhere in the world

One of the greatest advantages of sending a group card with SendGift is the ability to celebrate any special event or occasion online without practically having to leave your home. As we discussed earlier, the pandemic has affected people's social relationships and the restrictions that have been established in each country have made traveling difficult.

For the same reason, we may not be able to meet our friends to celebrate a birthday, for example. But instead, celebrating online is something that we can do and in a simple group card we can meet to celebrate something special and that the person who receives the messages can feel lucky to have us close even if it is virtually.

In a card you can not only add simple messages of congratulations, messages of get well soon or messages of thanks, but it can also be complemented with other types of digital content to convey what we want in the best possible way.

Along with a text message you can add personal greeting videos, special songs, animated and funny GIFs, and even photos of a special moment that you have with that person.

Online celebrations for all kinds of special occasions

There are endless special occasions when we celebrate online with people who are important in our lives. Some of them are the following:

- Birthday:Having a group card of congratulatory messages from all the people who love may be the best gift for a birthday. In addition, the card can be downloaded and saved forever wherever you want.

- Wedding:If the wedding of someone close to you is approaching, you can create a group card and share it with other people so that they can add their greeting messages and wish them the best.

- Baby Shower:The best way to congratulate the birth of a baby is to create a group card with SendGift and share it with everyone to add their congratulatory messages. It will be a very special gift that we can keep forever.

- Get well soon messages:If a friend is going through a difficult health moment that makes them unable to live day to day as they would like, a good idea to lift their spirits and support them is to create a group card with all their friends to wish them a speedy recovery.

- Thank you messages:Thanking someone for everything they have done for you is always important. For everything he has fought for, for what he has taught you and for being there in both good and bad times. For example, a group card of thank you messages could be sent to a teacher to thank them for all that has helped us during the course, and all students could add their messages to the card.

- Retirement:Is someone from your job retiring soon? Create a group card and share it with the rest of the employees of the company so that they can add their dedications and wish them the best in this new life that is beginning.

- Farewell:A message board to remember the unique and special moments lived with that person throughout life. It is the best way to make you remember forever everything you have experienced during the stage you are leaving behind.

The importance of celebrating online in a group

Celebrating something special in a group has many more advantages and is much better than doing it alone. And as it is said, Sharing is Living!

The possibility that SendGift offers us to create group cards to congratulate any special occasion is something unique that until now was not possible to do. Putting together different messages of congratulations from several people in the same place is incredible and whoever receives the congratulations will be able to keep them in their memory for the rest of their life.

Creating a group card with SendGift is very simple and very fast. As easy as creating the greeting card in a group, sharing it with other people through any application, be it WhatsApp, social networks or email, and sending it to the recipient to surprise them in a very special way.