The best group greeting & group greeting cards

Sat, April 17, 2021
Create now the best group greeting cards and send special group greetings online with SendGift. Share and collaborate with all your friends and family.

Group greeting cards are born to stay and are being a great revolution during this difficult year that we are going through. The global pandemic caused by the famous COVID-19 virus has changed many habits in our lives and has shown us new opportunities that we may not have seen until today.

The way we communicate has changed dramatically and technology has had a lot to do with it. Before, to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday, we used to get together with family or friends to share gifts or congratulations.

Today the pandemic has forced us to keep distance with our loved ones and many times without wanting to we have been away from them. It is for the same reason that applications like SendGift aim to make our lives easier and help us celebrate special occasions online but always feeling close to our own.

Create a group greeting card

With SendGift you can create group greeting cards to share with your loved ones on a special occasion, be it a birthday, a wedding, your best friend's graduation or even the farewell of someone who has been very important in your life.

Creating an online group greeting is synonymous with collaboration and love, since it is a gift in which several people participate and therefore will have a much greater sentimental value for whoever receives it.

But when can I send a group greeting?

Imagine that soon a friend of yours is going to celebrate her birthday and that you want to send her a dedication to wish a happy day and thus show how much you love her. Surely your friend would love to receive a congratulation from all family, friends and relatives, and it would also make her feel very loved by all the people around.

With SendGift you can create a group greeting online and share it with all the people you deem appropriate. You can send it through WhatsApp, email, SMS or whatever you prefer. When contributors receive the link to the group greeting card, they can add their message along with a personal video, photo or GIF.

In addition, every time collaborators add a message to the group greeting card, you will receive a notification in your email advising who has yet to add their message. This way you can keep track of the greetings that have been added to the greeting card as a group.

Once everyone has added their congratulations messages, you can send the group greeting to the recipient via email, WhatsApp or whatever you prefer. You also have an option available to schedule the delivery of the group greeting for the date and time you prefer.

Save or print the greeting card as a group

When the recipient receives the group greeting, they can download it and save it wherever they see fit. Some people prefer to save it on their electronic device or in a Cloud, while others prefer to print it and keep it saved as a nice memory.

Be that as it may, the recipient will always have the option to remain indelible with this beautiful gift forever. And it is that sending a group greeting with SendGift is something magical that allows you to share very special occasions with your dearest people.

Also, as mentioned above, SendGift group greeting cards are not just to send for a birthday, but there are many occasions in life when you can send it. For example, to celebrate the birth of a baby, the wedding of a friend, your brother's graduation, congratulations on finding your dream job or retiring. These and many other situations are special and deserve to be celebrated in the best way with SendGift group greetings.