Best occasions to send group greeting cards

Wed, April 28, 2021
Have you ever sent a group birthday greeting? Have you congratulated your friend on her wedding through an online greeting together with all the wedding guests?

If you haven't done any of this yet, it's because you still don't know the concept of greeting cards or group greeting cards. And it is that creating an online group greeting card with many other people will make everyone feel like they are part of a celebration on a special occasion.

We live a large number of occasions in our lives that are worth celebrating in the best possible way and close to our loved ones, but many times, either because of the distance that separates us or because it is difficult to organize a meeting with all of them, we miss out on those little opportunities that fill our lives with color.

SendGift was born due to the same need to celebrate a special occasion with our loved ones. It is an online platform that allows you to create group greeting cards and share them with other people so that they can add their messages to the board.

We can create group greetings for any occasion, be it a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, a baby shower and many more.

Group birthday greetings online

Is your friend's birthday coming up and you still don't know what to give them or how to surprise them? Something that you surely love is receiving a group birthday greeting from all your friends and people you love.

Creating a group birthday greeting online with SendGift is as simple as choosing the template design that you like the most and adding the first greeting message. Once the greeting card is created, it can be shared with other people through its access link, either by WhatsApp, SMS, social networks, or whatever you prefer.

As contributors receive the link to the group greeting card, they will be able to access and add their messages. Also, every time someone adds a message, the creator of the card receives a notification so they can keep track of who has not added their greeting yet.

Once everyone has added their messages, we can send it to the recipient to surprise them with something very special that is sure not to be expected and that they can keep for the rest of their days.

Wedding congratulations

Group greeting cards are the new way to wish the best of the bride and groom on the most special day of their lives. Until today there was the traditional book in which the wedding guests added their congratulations messages and their dedications along with a handwritten signature so that the bride and groom could keep that beautiful memory forever.

In the end, in the same wedding it is difficult for all attendees to add their messages in the book and not to overlook or forget it. In fact, there must always be someone who is asking around the place and letting them know that they can now approach the book to add their greeting messages.

These situations are difficult to control and many times the result we expect is not obtained, it is precisely for this reason that instead of writing dedications in a traditional book, we can create an online greeting card in which all the guests and even people who have not been able to attend the wedding for whatever reason, can add your congratulations messages.

In addition, like the physical book, the online group greeting cards can be saved as a souvenir whenever you want. When the recipient receives it, they will have an option available to download the group card and store it on their computer, on an external drive or they can even print it if they wish.

Group graduation greetings

Another special occasion that deserves to be celebrated in the best possible way is a graduation. A graduation is not achieved every year, but is the reflection of the work of many days of effort and of which we receive our award as a diploma of completion of studies.

To celebrate a special occasion like this with all the people who have supported you during the long journey you have come through, you would love to receive an online graduation group greeting card with messages from each of those important people in your life.

Congratulations on your retirement!

Do you know a colleague who is retiring soon? A good way to wish them the best in this new stage that they will face from now on is to give them a digital board with a message of thanks from all the people who shared some moment throughout their working life.

Retirement day is something unique and that only happens once in a lifetime, a special moment that deserves to be shared with co-workers who have spent so many hours and so many years together.

In addition, with each congratulatory message added to the digital board, they can add fun photos, videos and even GIFs. It can be a great occasion to share with the person who is retiring photos or videos to remember moments that you had spent together.

Celebrating a baby shower

A baby shower is also a beautiful occasion to celebrate online with your loved ones. It is always very exciting to be able to receive messages from all your family and friends on the same digital card.

If when you receive the group greeting card, you download it and keep it wherever you like, you will be able to keep the exciting memory of that day alive and be able to show it to your son or daughter when the time comes.