Save water for a positive environmental impact

Mon, May 24, 2021
As time goes by, we are increasingly aware that climate change is a reality and that if we do not take action every minute that passes we are getting closer to the famous point of no return.

The environment is part of everybody and we should take care of it as if it were part of our family, and in fact, it is. Examples such as living in cities with a high level of pollution have been shown to negatively affect our health, or dumping trash into the sea causes marine ecosystems to suffer and some species even die from it.

And it is that despite all the amount of information that reaches our ears today through the networks and the Internet, it seems that we do not pay enough attention to take it seriously and make small changes in our daily lives in order to save the planet.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that saving the environment is a matter for large corporations, politics or presidents of governments, but we do not realize that with very small gestures we can have a huge positive environmental impact.

An example of the above is a water reuse system that is currently being implemented in many countries and that will save a very high amount of water in any home.

The importance of reusing and saving water

It seems incredible, but although we believe that today we have invented everything, we still have a very large margin to improve small things in our daily lives and contribute with a great positive environmental impact to save the planet.

And it is that when we flush the toilet, shower or wash our hands in the sink, we do not take into account the large amount of water that we are using every day and that we could save if we had adequate habits or the tools available to do so.

An example of the above is that 25 liters can be stored in a standard toilet tank. Taking into account that on average a person goes to the bathroom a couple or three times during a day, we are talking about spending an amount of water equivalent to about 22,000 liters per year per person.

All those liters of water that are stored in the toilet tank is clean water that comes directly to our house and that we use simply to clean it. What if we used the water from the shower or the water with which we wash our hands to clean the toilet?

Reuse sink water to fill the toilet tank

In countries like Japan, these types of bathrooms are already being installed with which the water saving is going to multiply by a very high number. And is that currently practically all the toilets in our country use clean water to fill the tank of a toilet and when we flush the chain we do not realize the large amount of water we are using.

There are already different designs on the market today for this simple but very ingenious invention. It is a great example that with a small change we can have a spectacular positive environmental impact.

But why had we not thought about it before and why are they still not being installed today in our country? It is certainly a brilliant initiative that will allow us to save an incredible amount of water and we should bet on it to the maximum.

Promote sustainable initiatives and bet heavily on them

Initiatives like the previous one should have strong support from public or private organizations so that the majority of the population knows it and push it so that it is adopted in many homes.

Sometimes, these ideas or these projects lack funding or support to carry it out, so we must be participants in the change and get involved as much as we can to apply small improvements that have a very strong impact on the environment.

As we have been commenting, the time we have to reverse the climate change situation is limited and at the moment the wind is blowing strongly against us. We must be aware of this and take any opportunity that arises to change our habits and do something that is really worthwhile.

Changing the situation is not easy at all, but what is certain is that small gestures like this one will save incredible water that we could use for other types of future situations. Water, like other resources, is limited and there may come a day when we will not have access to it.

Before that day arrives, we must have a different initiative that allows us to survive, and until then we must be responsible and save as much water as we can.