Best teamwork strategies to be an effective team

Sat, September 18, 2021
A motivated, hungry and capable team can make the difference between success and failure. Keeping each and every member of a teamwork 100% motivated is not a simple task, and requires great skills as a group leader.

While it is true that there are always differences between a work team in a specific sport, a group work in a company or in a department, or even a group of friends who want to achieve a common goal, there are a number of characteristics or skills that apply to each of them.

If we had to choose five characteristics that most positively influence the fact of being able to reach a final goal previously defined in the team strategy, they are motivation, trust, sincerity, friendship, and the abilities of the leaders to carry out certain movements or activities that improve chemistry between peers in the group.

Motivation in a work team

A motivated work team is a group that tries its best and is totally focused on achieving an end goal. Keeping a group motivated is not an easy task and its main burden falls on the team leader.

In sport, for example, the team leader does not necessarily have to be the coach, but could be the team captain or a player with a lot of relevance in the locker room. Or it could be several members at the same time, there is no written rule that says that the leader of a work team should be only one person, it can be several.

Having a work team fighting for a common goal and doing teamwork is not just about saying four sentences before a game or at important work meetings and expecting each of them to understand what you say and apply it in every situation they face. It goes much further and is closely linked to empathy, it means understanding each of the members of the group and knowing how to speak to each of them in the way that you know they will understand you, and surely the message that you should give to each of them will not be the same, but it will have to have the same background to have them all looking towards the same final goal.
Members of a work team together and united

Trust, friendship and sincerity as the fundamental basis of teamwork

Achieving a teamwork goal is not the same as doing it alone, it is necessary to talk and interact with all the members of the work team. It is precisely at this point where trust and friendship are the fundamental basis of everything.

Only that there is an individual on the team who stands out from the rest and tries to wage war on their own without having previously agreed and discussed it with the others can have a very negative effect on the performance of the group.

In that same sense, it is of the utmost importance to have a lot of trust with everyone and to know at all times what each one will do, what tasks are assigned and what they are contributing to the team. In order to have full confidence in another partner, it is vitally important to know them as well, not even minimally, outside the area to which we are used to interacting, whether at work or in training in case it is a sport.

This way we will be able to maintain a relationship of much more trust and it will allow us to get to know each of our colleagues better. Although it seems that it is not something that will improve our chemistry within the teamwork and that will help us to walk together and stronger in the same direction.
Dinner after a good teamwork

Initiatives to boost morale and improve peer chemistry

Just in relation to the previous paragraph, trust and friendship will create a better chemistry between the members of the work team. Although it is true that sometimes from the beginning it is difficult to break the ice and we need some time to be able to have enough confidence with our colleagues and know how to treat them or how they are going to act.

In this sense, it is important that the team leader or some members of the team know the importance of organizing certain activities that allow them to get to know each other better and have a good time together. Going out for a drink or dinner can be a good idea, in addition to many other activities that can be organized.

Another thing that can help improve the teamwork feeling is to create a group card with messages from all the team members to congratulate a birthday for one of the members or any other occasion, for example.