The best group cards for the office free

Sat, October 16, 2021
Is any colleague going to change the scene and start a new professional challenge? Have you shared many moments together and now you want to give them a nice detail so that they will always remember this wonderful time?

With SendGift you can create free group cards for the office to print that will surely be unforgettable and that you will keep with great affection. A farewell to a partner is always something strange and sometimes sad, since there are many moments and even years shared together that from the next day they will no longer live, at least in that same environment.

It is for the same reason that the last day of work of that colleague or partner must be special and must be able to remember it for a long time as something unique.

Virtual farewell group cards for the office

Surely one or another time you have given a gift or a small detail to a coworker who says goodbye to you in the form of a book or handwritten paper with messages of thanks from all her colleagues throughout all these years.

All the people who want to dedicate a message to you have to do it by writing on the same sheet of paper, and it can be a bit complicated to organize logistically. They all have to physically attend the same place to add their signature or their message when surely not all work in the same office or in the same building.

There is also someone who has to be aware of the people who still have to sign and go after them to do so. In that sense, it is quite difficult to be able to make a farewell detail like this, since it takes a lot of work with it and someone has to want to assume it.
Coworkers celebrating a farewell

Create online free group cards for the office

Nowadays there is a much easier way to create free group cards for the office. With SendGift you can do it online from any device you want, either from your mobile, from a tablet or from a computer.

SendGift is an online platform that allows you to create group cards for the office to print very easily. In just a couple of minutes you will be able to access the application and create a personalized farewell group card to your liking.

Once you have the group card created, you will need to be able to share it with the rest of your colleagues so that they can add their messages of thanks and farewell to the person who will no longer be part of your team.

To do so, you can share a link through email, WhatsApp, SMS, social networks or any other channel you prefer. In this way, when the other colleagues receive the link on their device, they will be able to access the farewell group card for the office and add their personal messages.

Add GIFs, photos and videos to a very special group card for the office

Along with each message that is added to the farewell office group card for a coworker, each colleague will be able to add a photo of a special moment they lived together, a video that recalls a unique situation and even any GIF that is currently in fashion so that gives the message a more fun touch.

And it is that by creating a farewell group card for a coworker online, you are not only facilitating all the logistical problems that arise for whoever has to organize it, but you are also guaranteeing that the farewell card will be something different and that the recipient will probably never have been seen.

The possibility of adding all kinds of digital and visual content, be it videos, photos or GIFs, make it a fun, beautiful group card for a coworker that will be remembered forever.
Farewell group card for the office

Save and print a very special group card for a coworker

When all colleagues have added their messages to the farewell group card for a coworker, it will be sent directly to the recipient, who can save it in digital format wherever they prefer or can print it very easily to always have it in mind where it is.

In addition to farewell group cards for a coworker, in SendGift you can create more group cards for other types of occasions, for example to congratulate a birthday, a wedding, a graduation, and even a promotion at work. On the other hand, apart from creating a group card to celebrate a special occasion, you can also do it to send messages of support to someone so that they can recover soon, thank you messages or any other situation that requires it.