Virtual retirement cards with the best wishes

Mon, November 8, 2021
After a lifetime dedicated to our work, to our profession, and in the most fortunate cases, to our true passion, it is always time to quit. And it is that life is going through stages and moving towards new things while leaving others behind.

And retirement is nothing more than that, another stage that we are forced to reach, and that we must reach in order to dedicate time to other passions, other activities, family, friends, traveling or resting.

It is true that we spend a large part of our lives working, and it is important to enjoy it and have a good time with it, but at the same time we must understand that the moment comes for all of us and that when it comes time it is necessary to know how to stop and stand aside so that younger and energetic generations can continue with what we have carried for so long.

Amazing retirement wishes for coworkers

All Of us have experienced a farewell or retirement from coworkers at the office, it is a day of celebration, but at the same time it is a sad moment since we will not share more moments with that person, at least at the office.

To wish them well and thank them for all their dedication during these years, the best way to do it is with special retirement wishes like these:

- I will be eternally grateful for everything you have taught me and for everything you have helped me during this time. Thank you very much, friend.

- I hope this is just to see you later and that we will see each other again soon. Rest and enjoy yours.

- Thank you very much for the effort during all these years, you deserve a long break.

- Take advantage of everything you can and make the most of your time to travel and do everything you have always wanted. We love you.

- We will miss the fun times with you around here, we wish you the best and we hope you come and see us some day.

- Enjoy your well-deserved time with family, friends, and the people you love the most.

- Take advantage of retirement to do what you have never been able to do and leave nothing to do that you will regret later.
Gorgeous sunset to rest during retirement

Virtual retirement cards for coworkers

Although it is very easy to send them an email or tell them directly how much you appreciate all their effort, in the end the words are blown away and perhaps after a few years you will want to remember those moments and not be able to do so.

In that sense, the best option is to create a virtual retirement card for a co-worker. SendGift is an online platform with which you can do it very easily, and you can also share it with other people so they can add their messages.

Yes, you heard it right, it's a collaborative virtual retirement card! It is as simple as creating the retirement card and sharing it with all the people who want to dedicate some beautiful goodbye messages for their retirement. They can do it with their own mobile phone or with any device they prefer.

Along with their text messages they can add photos, videos and even the funniest GIFs of the moment. And once everyone has added their retirement wishes for the colleague who is retiring, all that remains is to send the card by email, SMS, WhatsApp or as you prefer.
Virtual retirement card for coworker

Save virtual retirement cards for always

When the virtual retirement card is delivered to the recipient, they can save it with the retirement wishes of all their colleagues in digital format wherever they prefer. But you will also have the option of printing it to save it as a special detail.

A retirement is a unique moment that deserves to be celebrated and remembered in the best possible way. In that sense, SendGift wants to collaborate and help that day be remembered forever.

Receiving a virtual retirement card with messages of appreciation and love from all your colleagues is something unique and unrepeatable and deserves to be celebrated in the most special way.