Top 25 best quotes for friends

Wed, March 2, 2022
In life there always comes some special, unique moment, in which we are left speechless and in which we would have liked to have that special phrase at hand so that we could make the moment eternal and that it would be remembered for the rest of our lives.

However, as we know that it is difficult to remember the best quotes for friends or friendship quotes in a unique and special moment, in this article we bring you a selection of the 25 most special quotes for friends that you can learn and remember when the day comes. indicated.

Best quotes for school friends

We have all gone to school in our childhood and we have shared unforgettable moments with our classmates. Surely some of the following quotes for school friends would have been very useful to you in those days:

- Friend, I appreciate that you always tell me the truth, and that you help me with your honesty, even if what you tell me affects me negatively at that moment, I know that in the long run it will be for my good.

- Many people will come and go from your life, but I will always be there, by your side, for better and for worse we will always be together and united.

- You are the best friend I have, my treasure, I never want to lose you.

- My dear friend, remember the phrase that I am going to tell you, because it will be eternal: Always together!

- You are like the sister I always wanted to have.

- Life didn't give me a sister at home, but I found you, and that was a true gift.

- What we are experiencing now in our childhood, may be the best moments we will live together, let's take advantage of it.

- Enjoy life, laugh, cry and show your emotions that everything ends.

- I feel really lucky to be able to share our day to day together.

- A true friend is always there, for the good and for the bad, and that is what you have been to me, I love you.

- Living these days together has been the most fun we've probably ever had, I assure you it won't be the last time

Friendship quotes for college friends

University is a stage of life of freedom, enjoyment, partying and meeting a lot of new people. For many, the best time of their lives and the one that will mark the rest of the stages. Here are some ideal friendship quotes for college:

- I hope that the next months that we live together are the best of our lives, I love you.

- It is impressive and unique to be able to live this in the company of the best friends in the whole world, thank you.

- You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, thank you very much for always being there.

- We will help and support each other no matter what happens, together until the end.

- Although this stage of studies ends, you will always be in my heart and you can count on me for anything.
Group card with messages from friends to congratulate graduation at university

Quotes for friends in an incredible digital card

Often mentioning quotes like the above is not easy, much less doing it in a very emotional moment. Even so, you can collect all those quotes for friends in a unique digital card to deliver to your most special friend.

As simple as creating the card and sharing it with all the friends who want to add their friendship quotes to it. They can do it together with images of special moments, videos, songs, GIFs or any other multimedia content.

Once everyone has added their message, the card will be delivered to the recipient and will make them feel an emotion that they have never experienced before. You can keep that moment in your memory forever.
Friends walking in a park

List of quotes for coworkers

If you have special coworkers at the office and your relationship goes beyond the professional, also involving your personal life, family life, mutual friends, among others, some of these quotes for friends will be truly useful when the right time comes:

- From the first day I arrived I felt like one of this family, thank you very much for everything, I hope we meet again soon.

- In no other stage of work have I been able to experience anything like it, you are the best, thank you.

- I will always carry you in my heart, I am very grateful to have met you.

- You can't always have so much fun at work, it's a privilege.

- Every day by your side is full of laughter and laughter, it's incredible.

- I think of you even when I'm on vacation, imagine how comfortable I am every day here with you.

- I love you a lot, I hope we continue sharing moments for much longer.

- I love you friend, everything we have built goes beyond the professional.

- I hope that the day we have daughters they will be as friends with each other as we are today, it would be very special.

- It is incredible to be able to feel so comfortable in the office, for many more years.