A dedication book for a co-worker

Tue, March 29, 2022
Is a colleague going to start a new professional challenge soon and stop being part of the team’s day-to-day? Do you want to prepare a big farewell for them but you still don't know how to do it?

Below you will discover a different and very original way to celebrate a special farewell for a colleague or co-worker who will soon stop working with us.

Surely you have ever been suggested to be able to sign a postcard, a book of dedications or a farewell gift to give it to the colleague who will leave the company soon. However, although it is something very original and will serve as an indelible and lasting memory for that person who changes course in their life, the logistical process of collecting signatures or messages from all those who want to collaborate and dedicate a few minutes to wishing you the best, is somewhat tedious and often very complicated to carry out.

First of all, there should always be someone who is in charge of organizing everything and keeping an eye on reminding the missing people that are still missing their message to the book of dedications. This implies that all people must coincide, although not necessarily in the same time interval, but in the same physical place.
Group of co-workers adding messages to a digital dedication book

A digitized work environment

There are more and more companies, startups, teams and ultimately people, who work more time from their homes than from offices. The office concept is moving more to an event space or a place to go on a timely basis. Companies are global and attract talent from all over the world, which means that their way of working is fully digitized, virtual and remote, and that their offices are their own homes, spaces or co-working spaces where they carry out their tasks.

This implies that any relationship with our teammates is remote and virtual, with which a farewell to a colleague will probably also take place in a fully digital environment.

A farewell to an all-digital co-worker

Organizing a virtual farewell for a colleague without physically meeting any member of the team anywhere was something that was not possible until relatively recently. However, now we can connect at any time thanks to the internet and everything in real time.

And we can even create dedication books or personalized farewell gifts for colleagues who are leaving. Creating a digital book of dedications with SendGift is very simple and anyone who wants to dedicate some nice farewell words can add messages to it.
Digital dedication book to send to a co-worker

A digital and virtualized book of dedications

The process is as simple as creating an online dedication book, which in the digital environment we could call a group card, and sharing it via SMS, email, social networks or any other means with people who want to collaborate. Once they have received the access link to the group card, they can add their message to it, along with photos, videos, voice messages, GIFs or any other multimedia content they deem convenient.

When all the messages have been published, it will only be necessary to send the card to the recipient and its delivery can be made at the moment or it can be scheduled so that it is received on the day and at the desired time.

The recipient will be able to download the card with all the dedications and save it both in digital format and in physical format wherever they want.

The creation of an online group card, which would be a traditional book of dedications in digital format, opens up a wide range of possibilities to celebrate farewells with co-workers from anywhere in the world, at any time and in a totally virtual way. . And not just farewells, but other types of work and personal celebrations such as a promotion, a colleague's birthday, a wedding, a university graduation, among many others.