Emotional support in difficult times

Mon, August 1, 2022
How important it is to have people around you who care about you, who give you a hand in your day-to-day problems, but above all who are there in the hard times when you don't know how to move forward, how to overcome them, and who know what you need without asking.

It is not easy to be surrounded by people like that, and if you are lucky enough to have them close, take care of them and feel tremendously lucky that this is the case.

Surely in your life you have gone through several complicated and difficult stages, and others that will come in the future, and being able to feel emotional support close to someone who fights with you and who faces difficulties by your side is something very special.

For this reason we have to be aware and have the necessary empathy to put ourselves in the shoes of other people who may be experiencing the most difficult moment of their lives right now and who need help, emotional support or a simple look that lets them know that you will be by their side for what they need.

Technology to encourage emotional support

Perhaps you have ever been immersed in a situation in which a friend of yours, a relative or someone you love was going through a bad time and you wanted to be with them but unfortunately it was not possible due to the logistical complications of the world. Perhaps millions of kilometers separated you and it was impossible to cross the entire world in one night to be with her at that moment.

Right now and in these situations, technology plays a very important role and in recent years the Internet has been of great help to us to break with all these problems. Connecting by videoconference with someone who lives far away from where you are physically at the moment is not complicated at all and the communication is completely in real time.

And it is that in such a globalized and digitized world, if we make good use of the technological tools that we have at our disposal, we can provide the emotional support that any human being needs at any time in their lives.
Colleagues helping each other in a difficult moment

Group cards to give you the necessary support

Surely you have a friend who lives far away from you, somewhere far away in the world, and at some point you have sent her a message of affection to show your love.

Perhaps you have had a bad health moment or a difficult personal stage, or you were simply celebrating your birthday and were not surrounded by your usual friends, those who have come a long way together since high school.

There are digital platforms such as SendGift that allow you to create and share group cards with a large number of messages of support from all the people who want to wish the best to that friend who is so far away physically, but from whom they do not want to disconnect emotionally and who wish you the best in both your personal and professional life.

Creating a group card with messages of support is very simple. All you have to do is access SendGift, select the template you like the most and share the access link to the card with anyone who wants to add messages of support.

Once everyone has posted their messages, the group card will be automatically sent to the recipient, and they can download it digitally or print it to save it in physical format, if they wish.