The best gift for coworkers

Wed, July 13, 2022
Throughout our working life we ​have lived and will live more moments in which there are colleagues who will stop working with us, from one day to the next they will stop sharing many hours of their lives with the team and will begin a new stage far from where they have been the last years.

There are different occasions in which this can happen, whether it is for the retirement of someone who has been performing for a long time and contributing wisdom to the team, someone who for whatever reason decides to start a new professional path in a new company or even someone who Simply for personal reasons, he decides to move to another country far from where he has been residing in recent years.

All these casuistry and other different ones that we could also mention, have something in common, which is to say goodbye in a special and unique way to the coworkers that we have had for so many years and that now from one day to the next we will stop meeting and talking with them, at least in a totally work environment.

A worthwhile gift

A special moment of farewell like this deserves to be remembered forever and there is no better way to do it than to give the person who is saying goodbye to us a gift that they will have a hard time forgetting, something that they can store forever in their mind or in a place where you can constantly remember him and feel grateful for having lived for so long close to unique and special people.
Messages from all coworkers as a special keepsake

We have infinite possibilities of gift ideas that we can give to the person who says goodbye to us, but today you are going to discover one that is truly unique, totally digital and that will allow all the colleagues who have been part of a team to feel very united and share forever that group feeling all together.

The best gift for a coworker

A gift that encourages collaboration between colleagues and that makes everyone feel part of something special will be the best way to say goodbye to that person who is starting a new professional challenge.

As simple as accessing SendGift and starting to create a group card with the design that you like the most. Once it is ready you can share it with all your coworkers who want to participate and add their messages to it.

Each one of them will be able to add to their farewell messages or congratulatory messages any animated GIF, a photo or even a video that serves as a gift of a moment they have lived together with a colleague and that deserves to be remembered forever in this group card.

Once everyone has added their messages, all that remains is to send the collage of messages to the recipient, who will surely receive it with great surprise and immense joy. You can also save it forever in physical or digital format, as you prefer, but what is certain is that it will be an unforgettable gift of all those people with whom you shared a large part of your working life.
Coworkers celebrating together

For any type of celebration

Although a group card is the perfect gift for a coworker, it does not mean that it can only be used on those occasions. In fact, SendGift's group cards are perfect for celebrating any special occasion remotely, whether it's a birthday, college graduation, wedding, new baby, or any other occasion where you want to surprise people with messages from all the people who love them.

They are very special and unique moments that deserve to be celebrated with the people we love and with whom we have shared much of the journey of our lives.