Create incredible free ecards

Thu, July 16, 2020
Have you ever sent free ecards to someone you hold dear? Do you know that digital free ecards exist?

Yes, you heard correctly, we are moving faster towards a more digitized world every day, and free ecards are proof of this. Some years ago, if we wanted to send a free ecards for the birthday of a relative, for example, we had to write our message in ballpoint pen and on a nice piece of paper because if we don’t do it, probably it will seem a little bit seedy.

Today you can do the same but digitally, which means great flexibility and greater customization to choose your ideal templates. Still, today digital free ecards are simple and in some cases it even seems a bit seedy and bland.

Send the best free ecards birthday

SendGift is born from hat enormous need to create dynamic and incredible free ecards for our friends, it is a 100% digital product that offers a unique experience and a feeling never seen before.

With the SendGift digital gift wrap you can send all your gifts online adding nice free ecards birthday for a friend who you will surely love them. Personalizing your gift is very easy, you just have to attach a greeting video which you can record with your mobile, add photos, a message as a free ecard birthday, and an attached gift.

You can send the gift to the recipient when you prefer, it will only be necessary to specify the delivery date in the app. The recipient will receive it by email on the date you want and you will receive a message when the gift has been opened.

In addition, when the recipient has opened the gift, they can send you a message thanking you, which you will receive in your email.

If you prefer to send your free ecards birthday by WhatsApp, SMS or email, you can deliver them whenever you want.