Gift ideas, trees and deforestation

Fri, July 17, 2020
Did you know that in just one year 15.3 million trees are felled in the whole world? It is a very high figure and if we continue on this way we will see very soon the serious consequences that this implies.

Trees have to be our great allies, they transform into oxygen all the carbon dioxide that we expel when breathing, and only for this reason we should have great respect for them and we should take care of them as if they were our family.

But many times it does not happen because there are many trees that are cut down daily in the whole world just to produce other types of products, for example paper. Although, luckily, thanks to the digital transformation we are experiencing as a society, each day less paper is consumed and a large part of the documents are sent digitally, which is very positive for the environment.

Wrap your gift ideas digitally with SendGift

There are figures that show that just for Christmas every two people consume a roll of wrapping paper to wrap Christmas gift ideas. It is a very high figure and gives us references on how much paper we can consume at certain times of the year, and more importantly, how many trees we are cutting down to produce such wrapping paper.

For this reason we believe that It is time to bet on a sustainable world and each client that uses SendGift to send their gift ideas is contributing to it. With each gift that is sent digitally, you are positioning yourself in favor of the environment.

We want you to feel part of this enormous transformation. It is a project in which we intend to involve as many people as possible. The more digital gift ideas are sent, the less impact will receive our planet.