Environment & happy birthday ecards

Tue, August 25, 2020
Do you want to contribute positively to the sustainability of the environment and to save the planet? Although many times we do not realize it, only with a small contribution we can do our bit and build a better future for our planet.

Digitizing happy birthday ecards is a small change, a small contribution that will help reduce pollution and the felling of trees. Many times we do not think about the consequences of writing a happy birthday card and sending it by ordinary mail directly to the home mailbox.

Many factors go into the process of creating and sending a birthday card, starting with cutting down trees and deforestation.

Cutting down trees to create funny birthday cards

Have you ever wondered how many trees can be cut down in a country like the United States just to produce funny birthday cards?

And it is that in the United States, in just one year more than 35 million trees can be cut down to produce paper, gift wrap and funny birthday cards, among other things.

Taking into account that trees are very necessary on our planet, since they are the only ones that are capable of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. Why does the number of trees that are cut increase each year?

Is a question that seems to need a quick and short-term solution, since little by little the planet is running out of resources, and at a certain time it could not be habitable by humans.

But are we taking daily actions to reverse that situation? Do we really care about environmental sustainability and building a planet with a much more hopeful future?

Although it may seem to us that from our situation we cannot change the world, we must say that it is not true. With just a small gesture you can change the world or try to contribute to it.

What if you sent a funny birthday card digitally? Would you be changing the world? At SendGift we believe that yes, you will be building a better world for sure!

Digitizing a funny birthday ecards

Have you ever delivered a funny birthday ecard digitally or have you always done it with the classic traditional pen and paper?

If you stop for just a moment and think about the entire logistical process, creating and sending a funny birthday card in a traditional way, surely you agree with us, that the negative impact it has on our planet in terms of pollution can be very high.

In the first place, in order to deliver a funny birthday card, the paper must be extracted from a tree, which as a consequence will disappear. Then, so that the paper is beautiful and has colors, various chemical processes with a high level of contamination will be used.

Finally, the funny birthday card should be sent to physical stores where they can be bought or sent directly to your home through a delivery person. The process of sending the funny birthday card from the factory to the customer is highly polluting, since the delivery person must use a transport that expels carbon dioxide to deliver it.

What if this whole process was digital? What's more, what if you could create a funny birthday ecard without leaving the sofa at home, with an incredible design, personalized as you wish and sending it digitally at the time you prefer?

Apart from the fact that you will be creating a dynamic, modern and attractive funny birthday ecard, you will be contributing positively to the sustainability of the planet, something that is really important nowadays.

Incredible and special happy birthday ecards

At SendGift we want to give you the opportunity to create happy birthday ecards very quickly, easily and that you can send digitally anywhere on the planet.

In addition, as we have mentioned, we believe in creating a more sustainable world and each person who sends a happy birthday ecard digitally is contributing to this.

You have at your disposal multiple templates among which you will find your ideal happy birthday ecard. You can personalize it to your liking by adding videos, photos, a special message and even an attached digital gift.

SendGift happy birthday ecards have special features that make them unique. For example, you will know at all times if the recipient has received and opened your happy birthday ecard, and when they have done so they can write you a thanks message that you will receive by email.

SendGift happy birthday ecards are 100% digital and with their digital sending you will be contributing very positively to the sustainability of the planet. To build a better world, we must all make small gestures that will eventually turn into something big that will have a real positive impact on the future of our species and the world as we know it.