Birthday collage for friends & family

Thu, February 25, 2021
Have you ever thought of creating a digital birthday collage with all the greetings from family and friends? With SendGift you can create a collage with congratulatory messages from different people, it is undoubtedly the most original way to celebrate a birthday together and digitally.

The global pandemic situation produced by the coronavirus continues affecting the world and has made us rethink our lives as we knew them. Due to established social distance, we have separated from family and friends in a way we never would have wanted.

We have become so physically distant that we need to be close even if it is through new technologies and the online world. In the same way, SendGift birthday collages try to bring us closer to our loved ones, even through electronic or digital devices.

Send a greeting with SendGift

SendGift is an online platform that allows you to send greeting messages and digital gifts anywhere in the world and for any celebration or special occasion that deserves it. For example, we can send congratulatory messages for a birthday, for Mother's Day, for retirement or to wish a simple good morning.

But that's not all, but also SendGift greeting cards can become boards or collages in which to collect all the congratulations and messages of affection from our family and friends.

That is, when the birthday of a friend or relative approaches, we can create an online collage and invite all their friends to collaborate. In this way, each person will be able to add their congratulatory message and when everyone has participated, the message will be automatically sent to the final recipient.

Without a doubt, receiving for your birthday a congratulatory message from all your loved ones in one place is a beautiful moment to remember.

Create a birthday collage with SendGift

Creating a digital birthday collage is very simple and it also has multiple functionalities to personalize each message as you prefer. It is as easy as creating the birthday collage, inviting all the people who want to collaborate and sending it to the recipient.

First it will be necessary to choose the collage design that we like the most. Once it's ready, we can start adding messages and inviting all contributors to participate.

The collage greeting messages will not be simple text messages, but you can add images of beautiful memories, GIFs and even personalized videos wishing a happy birthday.

Being able to add all kinds of digital content makes congratulatory messages very attractive and that when the recipient receives them they will be a big surprise. Having birthday messages from your loved ones reach you from anywhere in the world and receiving them as if they were all with you is a great opportunity to feel very proud of the people around you.

Schedule the delivery of the birthday collage

SendGift allows that once the birthday collage is complete, the delivery can be scheduled so that the recipient receives it right on the day of their anniversary. You can indicate the date and time you want the person to receive the birthday collage.

In addition, you will receive a notification in your email when the recipient has opened the collage. In this way, you will be able to know at all times if they have already seen the congratulations of all their friends and family or if they have not had time to do so yet.

As for the different possibilities of sending the birthday collage to the recipient, you can do it in different ways. For example, if you schedule the sending of the collage for a specific date, the recipient will receive it in their email.

However, you can also send the birthday collage whenever you want through WhatsApp, SMS, social networks, email, or through many others.

Greetings from anywhere in the world

Creating a birthday collage with SendGift means closeness and love. Nowadays, globalization means that we have many friends around the world and it is not easy to see them all at the same time or simply get together to celebrate a special occasion.

So digital birthday collages are a funny and unique way to gather all your loved ones in one place and celebrate all together. It doesn’t matter if some of them live in one part of the world and others in another. Digital birthday collage allows you to share greeting messages and digital content online without any type of border between countries.