How to thank a co-worker for help

Tue, April 5, 2022
Every decision we make in our lives, every situation we find ourselves in, every moment of the day, we are interacting and collaborating with other people that affect our way of thinking or our behavior.

If we extrapolate this to the world of work or even to the world of sports, collaboration with other people or teamwork is something that is becoming more and more accentuated over time. The concept of an authoritarian leader who made decisions individually and based on his experience or common sense has been left behind for days now.

Currently, organizations, whether they are companies or sports teams, do not have an authoritarian boss, but rather a leader who shows them the way, giving all team members the ability to contribute ideas and make decisions, thus giving them responsibility and motivating them so that they can participate. at all times of the journey they are doing as a group.

Collaboration between colleagues

The power of collaboration between colleagues is the basis for the work of a team to go ahead without complications. And it is just there where it is also important that the members of a team have a series of characteristics that allow everything to move forward and go in the right direction.

To all these labor relations or teammates, we must add the personal part, the most sincere that people have and the one that will make the team work more united, more attuned and more comfortable.
Co-workers having a good time in a restaurant

Appreciate the help of a teammate

In all those team efforts in which we are often part of, there are always times when we require the help of a colleague to carry out a task, to substitute us because we have had a problem or to resolve a specific question. This is where teamwork and skills such as humility, empathy or trust are really necessary.

And despite the fact that there are many times that we give help to a colleague, or that someone from the team helps us, we often do not give it enough importance or value what they are doing for us as we really should. And it is that sometimes you do not realize the help you are receiving until you stop having it.

Precisely for this reason it is really important to know how to recognize and thank others at certain times in our lives for what they are doing for us. Not that it is a small detail, a gift, a hug, or something that may even seem insignificant but that can have enormous sentimental value.
Online gift with thank you messages from all their colleagues

A group card as a thank you gift

In the times we are living in, where everything is digitized, we can even prepare that small thank you gift completely online. Creating a digital thank you gift with personalized messages from all the people who want to participate in it can be a nice way to recognize all the effort someone has made or all the sacrifice they are making.

With SendGift it is very easy to create an online group card that anyone, from anywhere in the world, can access to add special thank you messages. It will be enough to access the platform and create the card, add your first message and then share it with all the people who want to participate.

This sharing may be done through any digital channel, be it an SMS, a message on a social network or through Whatsapp. Participants will receive a link that they can access to add their thank you messages.

Once everyone has added their messages, the card can be sent to the final recipient who can view it in digital format and can even print it to keep it forever as a nice memory of their colleagues.