How to say goodbye to a co-worker

Fri, April 22, 2022
Surely sometimes you have had to say goodbye to a colleague or co-worker who will no longer be part of the team the next morning and will face a new professional challenge.

When that day arrives, different emotions emerge that mix with each other to create a feeling of hope, sadness, farewell, eternal friendship, or any other feeling that we may feel towards the person who will embark on this new journey.

However, regardless of everything we feel on that day, what is certain is that a good farewell will make the moment magical and will make us remember it forever.

Organizing a special event for the day of the farewell, a simple dinner or an original farewell gift, are some of the ideas that will make that day unique and special, and that it will be remembered forever. Here are some of the options that exist to celebrate a farewell to a co-worker in style.

Have dinner in a good restaurant

Something that never fails and that is always an ideal option is to organize a good dinner in a good restaurant. The classic meal between friends and friends who remember the good and bad times they have spent together.

It can help you take stock of the entire stage you have lived through and value everything you have learned during this time, in addition to forging a friendship that can last forever regardless of how far your careers are separated.

Sing karaoke

A good way to celebrate a last moment together is to sing songs in karaoke that make you remember special moments you have spent together. A karaoke is always something original to do after a farewell dinner.
Co-workers singing karaoke

Organize a farewell event

Organizing a farewell event can also be a great option to celebrate a change of professional direction of a colleague or colleague and remember all the moments you have spent together until today.

On many occasions, work relationships with colleagues also extend to the personal field and being able to enjoy more time together outside of work, being able to talk as friends, colleagues and people who really appreciate each other, can be very enriching and rewarding.

A special farewell gift

Another of the best options that exist to fire a colleague or co-worker is to give her a special gift that she can remember forever. From a nice gift from the company, to a t-shirt with the names of all the members of the team with whom you have shared so much of your day-to-day in recent years, or a reminder digital card with farewell phrases from all your colleagues.

And the truth is that receiving a farewell gift with personalized messages from all your colleagues will make you feel very special and unique.

Creating a digital farewell card is really very simple with SendGift, the reference platform in the sector that will allow you to create a unique experience that will be remembered forever. The process is as simple as accessing the platform and selecting the design you like best for your card, and then you can add your farewell message along with a photograph, a video and even a personalized GIF.
Farewell messages on a digital card from SendGift
Once the first message has been added, all that remains is to share the card access link through the digital channel of your choice, be it WhatsApp, SMS, email or any social network. People who receive the access link will be able to access it to view the card and thus be able to add their personal farewell messages, also together with any multimedia content they decide.

And finally you can schedule the sending of the card so that the recipient receives it on the day and time they prefer. You can also download it to save it forever in digital format, or you can even print it to have it in physical format as an indelible memory that will accompany you wherever you go.