The best way to congratulate a coworker

Tue, May 10, 2022
Have you ever had to congratulate a colleague and have not known how to deal with the situation? Has it taken you by surprise and have you forgotten to prepare a gift or a special greeting? Don't worry, we've all been through the same situation, and it's just in those moments when it would be good for us to know about tools like SendGift, the online platform that will allow you to create group greetings for a colleague.

We live in a totally digitized world, and that has its advantages and also its drawbacks, but what is certain is that today we have access to a large number of digital tools that years ago we were not able to imagine that some day they might come into existence.

Being physically anywhere in the world we can connect with family and friends no matter where they are, just with a simple internet connection. We have at our disposal a lot of tools that make our day-to-day lives easier and that even automate our own work tasks. New technologies such as artificial intelligence or process automation simplify our existence so that we have the privilege of dedicating ourselves to what we love and enjoy.
Family celebrating through a mobile device

The power of digitization

However, even if we have a large number of digital tools, platforms or software at our fingertips, most of us are not able to take advantage of them and continue to work and live our lives as we did years ago.

But we really have a new world in front of us that we must be able to get to know and, above all, in which we must immerse ourselves to take advantage of everything it is offering us. We cannot ignore the big digital revolution that we have in front of our eyes and we cannot be afraid of it.

In this sense, we can also talk about platforms that allow us to virtualize the experience of celebrating a special occasion online and in a group with our co-workers.

Labor celebrations

Not long ago, to wish good luck to a new colleague who was starting a new professional challenge, we used to organize a dinner, a small relaxed meeting in the office or we could even design a physical postcard in which all the colleagues in the office added their farewell messages.

And we are not only talking about wishing good luck to a colleague who will soon stop working with us, but we are also talking about other types of situations such as congratulating a birthday, a wedding, the birth of a baby or even a job promotion. All of them are occasions in which the celebration was done in a totally physical way, and with it the management of the postcard in which each one added their handwritten messages could become very complicated.
Group postcard to add congratulatory messages to a coworker

Congratulate a co-worker digitally

Currently, the virtualization of many jobs has meant that companies and teams are not physically concentrated in a single place, but today we can be part of a global team in which each one works from a different place in the world and that it may even be that we never get to see each other physically.

And it is precisely because of this virtualization and these changes in the work environment that options such as printing a souvenir postcard for all co-workers to sign are no longer valid, since the logistics of this type of process are greatly hindered.

For the same reason there are solutions such as SendGift, which digitize the entire process to allow you to create a digital postcard from anywhere in the world, no matter where you are and with a single internet connection, in which all your co-workers can add your congratulatory messages.

In addition, the messages can be totally enriched, being able to add different images, videos and even animated GIFs together with the text. Once all the co-workers have completed their messages, the postcard will be automatically sent to the recipient who can store it in digital format or print it to have it in physical format and as a memory to keep forever.