How to give a tribute for a successful career

Mon, June 13, 2022
A tribute is a very special celebration that usually translates into an unforgettable day for that person who retires or who receives messages of thanks and affection from all the people who have been with them throughout a lifetime.

It is a unique moment in which the people who thank them for everything they have lived together during all these years, remember the good and bad times, and above all give thanks for having shared so much.

There are tributes and farewells of all kinds, elite athletes often do it in front of the press and the cameras, dedicating a few words of thanks to everything they have been able to experience thanks to sport. However, ordinary people, who are not famous, usually celebrate a farewell dinner or event to honor that special person who will soon cease to be part of our daily lives.

A nice keepsake for a special tribute

There are many ways to honor someone for their success in their professional career, however, it is not the only area in which a tribute can be celebrated. Participation in an association, leadership of an initiative to defend rights, or the simple fact of having been able to lead a life and a family, are some of the different possibilities to celebrate a tribute.

Although it is true that in an event of this type what is customary to do is share moments, expressions or memories, on some occasions special gifts are given to the honorees. Now, these gifts are usually physical products that we can keep as a souvenir but it will be difficult for them to transcend into something really important to us and that we always have in our hearts for the rest of our lives.

However, there are other options of celebration gifts for tributes, which can satisfy these needs and become something truly unforgettable and that will remain in our hearts for all eternity.
Colleagues and co-workers celebrating a tribute

A collaborative tribute is the best option

The secret of being able to receive an unforgettable gift on the day of your tribute and that it becomes an indelible memory, lies in being able to have a piece of each of the people who accompanied you on that special day.

And when we say a piece, we do not mean chatting with each of them for two or three minutes on that particular day, but rather that everyone has the opportunity to leave the honoree a message of thanks so that they can always read it. May she be nostalgic and remember those who shared with her so many moments lived throughout their lives.

Creating a digital experience of this kind is now really easy with SendGift, a platform that will allow you to create an exclusive group card for a tribute and share it with all the people who want to add messages of thanks to that person.
Message card to celebrate a collaborative tribute

A really special tribute card

The messages that are added to the digital card will not only be text, but may be accompanied by souvenir photos, videos of moments they have shared together, or animated GIFs that convey fun and joy.

Sharing a digital collaborative tribute card is very simple, all you have to do is create it and share its link via SMS, email, or any other channel you prefer. Those who receive the link will be able to add their messages next to their name and the multimedia content they want. Once they have all participated, it will be enough to send the card to the honoree, who will have the possibility of receiving it by email at the time we specify, it will surely be something that will surprise them.

When the recipient receives the card, they will have the possibility to save it as a memory in totally digital format, to be able to access it at any time, or they will also be able to print it to have it located in a physical place.

Celebrating a tribute is something really special and unique that deserves to be celebrated in the best possible way so that over time it becomes an unforgettable and indelible memory.